Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Music Department continues educating students on and offline

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools (MPPS) Music Department continues to try to educate students on music. When schools closed in March at the beginning of the pandemic, MPPS continued to teach students online. During this time, the music department continued to hold music classes but also focused on the wellness of the students.

"The schedule stayed the same," Fine Arts Instructor/Director of Bands for Mt. Pleasant High School, Matt Taton said. "I talked to kids and made sure they had their instruments, their music, and their books."

Students participating in online learning at the high school meet virtually every day, while students participating in face to face learning are separated into two cohorts (Blue and Gold) that meet Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday respectively. Wednesday is teachers/staff only and all learning is done remotely.

Middle School students participating fully online meet daily and middle school students participating face to face have their core classes daily during half days. All of their elective classes are online in the afternoons daily.

This has caused some issues as some high school and middle school classes overlap in terms of the scheduled time they occur and some teachers, like Taton, have classes at the high school and middle school.

"It's more rigorous though classes tend to be shorter," Taton said. "We're making it work."

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