Bay City Public Schools to start online learning program

Starting next week, Bay City Public Schools will officially start its new online learning program for thousands of students.

"This is entirely new territory for our district,” said Patrick Malley, chief academic officer for Bay City Public Schools.

With face-to-face instruction behind us, school staff and students are learning to navigate online learning during the pandemic.

Bay City Public Schools is starting what they call “learning relaunch” on Monday, April 20.

“Starting Monday, all of our teachers are going to be providing online instruction for all of our students,” Malley said.

The area’s second largest school district educates more than 7,200 students.

Malley and elementary curriculum director Shelley DuCharme are leading the transition from classroom to online.

“We have instructional support specialists ythat really have been essential in communicating with the group of teachers we have creating lessons. It’s really been a team effort,” DuCharme said.

Students and teachers alike are entering new territory through virtual learning.

“It’s been a lot of encouraging them and supporting them. That’s the most important thing is the connections with our kids,” DuCharme said.

For students, they will engage in two course a day on a rotating schedule – math and English on Mondays and Wednesdays, social studies and English on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays will be dedicated to electives.

It is all done through Google Classroom or See-saw platforms.

“It shouldn’t be about that letter grade at the end. It should be about the engagement, the critical thinking, problem-solving,” DuCharme said.

“We want to be compassionate and understanding of all the various situations in all the homes of our entire district, and our plan reflects that,” Malley said.

If your student runs into any issues starting Monday, the district has created an email address you can contact. That is .

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