Southfield Public School District graduates

April 24, 2019

 Graduates of our member districts go on to do amazing things! For example, check out Southfield Public Schools' graduate profile to see what their students can achieve.
A graduate of Southfield Public Schools will be a...


Self-directed learner who

  • Accesses information

  • ​Comprehends information

  • Analyzes information

  • Synthesizes information

  • Evaluates information

  • Applies information

  • Sets goals

  • Competes effectively in a global society

  • Pursues learning for continuous lifelong growth;


Decision maker who

  • Accesses relevant information

  • Identifies and evaluates alternatives

  • Analyzes consequences

  • Decides to make a choice and is able to justify it

  • Accepts responsibility for a decision;Effective communicator who

  • Constructs meaning from many resources and for varied purposes and audiences

  • Uses verbal, written, artistic and technological media to inform, persuade and effect change

  • Logically organizes information and ideas;


Collaborative worker who

  • Shares knowledge and ideas

  • Contributes to and supports group efforts

  • Communicates effectively with diverse groups

  • Assumes appropriate roles

  • Performs duties responsibly

  • Creates a quality product or service;


Problem solver who

  • Identifies and explains a problem

  • Identifies, accesses and integrates available resources to 1 solve a problem

  • Strategizes alternatives and evaluates their consequences

  • Implements solutions

  • Monitors and adjusts;

  • Technologically literate person who

  • Ethically accesses and applies technology

  • Uses various modes of technology

  • Integrates technology into daily living

  • Applies knowledge to solve technological problems;

  • Culturally literate person who

  • Values the richness of life within various cultures

  • Appreciates how the arts and humanities enrich life

  • Uses the arts as a form of self-expression; and


Caring, contributing member of society who

  • Recognizes the responsibility of the individual to local and world communities

  • Understands the similarities and differences in beliefs and values among various social and ethnic groups and engages in activities that support and celebrate diversity

  • Works with others to resolve community issues

  • Improves the quality of life for self and others

  • Acts in a socially responsible manner

  • Participates in the democratic process


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