MCEA praises Governor Whitmer’s first state budget for FY20, believes budget is a child-centered app

Leaders from Michigan’s urban school districts praised Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s inaugural state budget for Fiscal Year 2020, saying the document contains “historic changes” in the way education funding is provided across the state. Local school districts will have more flexibility to decide how to best allocate resources to deliver crucial programs and services to students based on their particular needs.

Introduced this morning, Gov. Whitmer’s $60.2 billion budget proposal touts record levels of education money with schools set to receive $13.8 billion in funding, an increase of $507 million over last year.

“This child-centered budget will enable our members to provide resources for students while enabling local school boards and their professional educators to make decisions that they believe are in the best interest of the children under their care,” Middle Cities Education Association Executive Director Ray Telman said. “Gov. Whitmer’s budget establishes a new high-water mark for our children, their schools and our state.”

Telman says the budget is also focused on proven school finance principles and key findings as outlined in the State of Michigan’s Education Finance Study, commissioned under former Gov. Rick Snyder, and the state’s School Finance Research Collaborative, a broad-based school finance research study of Michigan’s education system, of which the Middle Cities Education Association is a member.

“Prioritizing resources for districts with more at-risk children is a critical touchstone of the governor’s budget – something that research of schools across the United States indicates is critical for continued educational success,” Telman said. “Gov. Whitmer said she would prioritize our K-12 schools in her first State of the State address in February and this budget delivers on that promise for our children. We believe this overall budget reflects a renewal of the State of Michigan’s commitment to our system of education and the students who benefit from it.”

The Middle Cities Education Association, a consortium of 28 urban school districts across Michigan, was formed out of a shared commitment to improving educational opportunities for the urban learner. The unique mission and emphasis of Middle Cities is to serve as an advocate for member districts to ensure quality educational programs for all students.

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