Powering the planet

Electricity lights our homes. It runs our computers. It powers our machines. Electricity can be created without harming the planet. This is called green energy. Learn about four sources of green energy.

Running Water​

This is a dam. Water rushes in. That causes machines in the dam to turn. The machines create electricity.

Underground Heat​

This is a power plant. Water and heat within the Earth create steam. Steam is used to make electricity.


These are wind turbines. They can be in water or on land. Wind turns the giant blades. That powers machines. They create electricity.


These are solar panels. They are placed on the sunny side of a roof. Solar panels collect sunlight. They turn it into electricity.

Did You Know?​

Each year, April 22 is Earth Day. There are many ways to help the planet on Earth Day. Here are a few.

  • Plant a tree.

  • Say no to plastic bags.

  • Help your family recycle.

  • Walk instead of driving.

  • Turn off lights.

Source: TIME for Kids

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