Michigan literacy: From lagging to leading

June 24, 2018



Michigan is facing a literacy crisis.


For the last 12 years, while nearly all other states across the country made gains in their literacy performance for 4th graders, Michigan lagged behind. This means Michigan is one of the lowest performing states, with no literacy growth demonstrated. The impact of this pattern in 4th grade is that more students struggle throughout school and many graduate without strong literacy skills. More than 50% of Michigan’s K-12 students are not proficient in their English Language Arts skills according to state tests. With over half a million students ill-equipped in literacy, as a state we face significant hurdles. Our young people are unprepared; unprepared for the workforce, unprepared for college or career training, and unprepared to be productive citizens. Many will face incarceration or turn to government assistance to survive. It is estimated that the cost of illiteracy to U.S. businesses and taxpayers is approximately $300 billion a year. We can’t afford to ignore these staggering facts.


To learn more, check out Michigan Literacy: From Lagging to Leading - The case for business and philantrhopic leaders to engage in elevating education.


Source: General Education Leadership Network

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