School Buses Continue New Mission of Delivering Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

As school districts around the country have begun the year with virtual learning, many have turned to yellow school buses to provide mobile internet hotspots for students and families without internet connections. “We knew that we had to make some type of accommodations for the families in our district that do not have access to the internet,” said Rhonda Lyons, director of transportation at Wayne-Westland Community Schools in Michigan. “We have a very diverse community with many socio-economic challenges. All of the schools within our district qualify for free breakfast/lunch through our state’s programs. Once we knew that we would start the school year by distance learning, we also knew we

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Music Department continues educating students on and offline

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools (MPPS) Music Department continues to try to educate students on music. When schools closed in March at the beginning of the pandemic, MPPS continued to teach students online. During this time, the music department continued to hold music classes but also focused on the wellness of the students. "The schedule stayed the same," Fine Arts Instructor/Director of Bands for Mt. Pleasant High School, Matt Taton said. "I talked to kids and made sure they had their instruments, their music, and their books." Students participating in online learning at the high school meet virtually every day, while students participating in face t

Muskegon teachers lead K-8 bike club to promote fitness during online learning

Muskegon Public Schools is finding new ways to bring physical education to students while the district is online-only because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The district’s physical education teachers, with the help of local law enforcement, are leading a new bike riding club for K-8 students to ride safely through the Muskegon community. The daily program, which launched last week, begins and ends at one of the district’s four elementary schools Monday through Thursday. “Our students love to be active,” said Jennifer Hammond, the district’s director of curriculum. “We often are confined by the four walls of the gymnasium for P.E., so this is just a lifelong skill of learning to love bi

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