Garden City High School Champions

What is a Champion? A warrior… A fighter… more importantly, at Garden City High School, a Champion is a student who is chosen by a mentor dedicated to helping the student succeed. GCHS Champions promise to do their best to achieve previously unimaginable goals. A Champion receives a financial incentive each semester his or her goals are achieved. Students are provided with a customized academic goal that they work toward for the duration of the semester. Once final grades are posted, successful students are invited to celebrate their achievement, share a meal, and receive their rewards at the Champions banquet. The Champions program is much more than just a way to get better grades. The prog

Student reading levels

Too many students across the country aren't able to read at a basic level. By investing in teacher training, educational materials and o

Michigan cut school funding and school performance plummeted. Coincidence?

Michigan ranks dead last in the nation in school funding growth in the quarter century since Michigan radically changed how it funded public education system, according to a new Michigan State University study. School funding has dropped 18 percent since 1995 when spending is adjusted for inflation, according to the report. Only one other state, West Virginia, had a decrease in inflation-adjusted spending in that time. Michigan ranked 48th in per-pupil spending growth over the same period. “I was shocked when I saw this,” said David Arsen, MSU professor of education policy and lead author of the study. “Since proposal A (in 1994), Michigan citizens gave most control over school funding to th

DIY kinetic sand

Learn how to make DIY kinetic sand, a fun sensory craft, using household ingredients!

Funding Michigan schools

In 2019, we need to focus on providing schools with adequate funding. Our students and their futures should always be a top priority.

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