Legislative advocacy

The year may not have officially ended, but we're already excited to see what 2019 brings! Take a look at some of the advocacy programs

Learning about snow

When cloud temperatures are at the freezing point or below, and there is an ample supply of moisture in the air, ice crystals form around a

Inclusive literacy learning

Many teachers pull students with disabilities out of the literacy hour or block because they believe that these learners, as a rule, need sp

How to avoid holiday meltdowns

While most adults know how to verbalize and communicate feelings of stress, many children don’t. Instead of running to parents for help when

What is the winter solstice?

If you have ever gone swimming in summer or had a snowball fight in winter, then you know something about seasons. Seasons are times on Eart

Happy Holidays from Grand Rapids Public Schools

Middle Cities member district Grand Rapids Public Schools and the Grand Rapids Board of Education wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season. Their electronic holiday card features artwork and music from their talented students.

Why kids need free play

Want to support your little one’s physical, social, and cognitive development? Ditch the formal activities for now. Give your child freedom

Sparking curiosity about STEM

Two years ago my school started a program called STEM Events to provide our students with opportunities to see how the concepts they study i

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