Why is hand washing so important?

It's a message worth repeating — hand washing is by far the best way to keep kids from getting sick and prevent the spread of germs. Whe

Making inclusion a reality

Encourage your child to participate in activities where she can meet children her same age with different abilities. When looking for activi

Benton Harbor Area Schools

At Benton Harbor Area Schools, students can apply to attend one of the district's various academies offering a variety of unique learning environments, such as the International Academy and the STEAM Academy. In every life, there is a life-changing moment of discovery. It may be the sudden rush of confidence when you master something difficult. It may be the joy at finding a talent you didn’t know you had. It may come from a passage in a book, a walk in the mountains, or something a teacher says that stays with you. Attending Benton Harbor Area Schools is your turning point. Each student may apply to attend one of our various academies offering a variety of learning environments: Arts & Comm

Child homelessness in Michigan

Michigan has one of the largest populations of homeless students in the U.S. Due to the daily challenges they face, these students have a gr

How to raise a standout student

Learning doesn’t have to start—or stop—when the school bell rings. In fact, what happens at home can boost your student’s academic skills an

First Thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a national holiday honoring the early settlers and their harvest feast

Invisible ink

When an acid comes into contact with baking soda, a chemical reaction occurs and carbon dioxide is formed. This reaction creates many differ

Habits for a healthy brain

A new study shows that meeting three benchmarks for health can strengthen kids’ brains. The benchmarks are getting nine to 11 hours of sleep

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