Protecting kids from cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is like playground bullying, but it's done either online or with cell phones. It can take the form of individual harassmen

Muskegon kids struggle to read. Their superintendent had the same problem.

For Justin Jennings to arrive where he is today was almost impossible. He entered college reading at a third-grade level. He nearly flunked out. Today, with four degrees to his name, Jennings is superintendent of Muskegon Public Schools, a job that leaves him facing another nearly impossible situation. Last year, nearly two out of three Muskegon third-graders were “not proficient” in English Language Arts, the lowest ranking on the state assessment test known as M-STEP. In two years, some third-graders scoring at that level could be held back in their grade, under a state “read-or-flunk” law that goes into effect in 2020. Muskegon and other districts around the state have poured millions of

Healthy foods on a budget

You can make healthy choices as a family, one small step at a time. Even small changes in your routine can help save money. And getting star

DIY simple supply caddy

It’s back to school time, which means we’re all excited to get organized. Because yes, this is going to be the year everything gets and stay

Ten tips for field trips

While it’s hard to dispute the educational value of field trips, the logistical challenges of out-of-classroom excursions are enough to make

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