Rep. Reilly: Affordable Energy Caucus endorses plan to save schools money through electricity choice

State Rep. John Reilly’s proposal to help schools across Michigan save money on their electricity bills has won the support of the state House’s bipartisan Affordable Energy Caucus. The caucus – a 15-member group which Reilly chairs – is dedicated to lowering energy costs in Michigan and reviews legislation with that goal. Reilly’s House Bill 4708 was supported by an overwhelming majority of the group’s members who were present and voting at a recent meeting. “The support of this caucus signals momentum for the legislation,” said Reilly, of Oakland. “Michigan’s electric choice programs have obvious benefits for schools and taxpayers. The more schools we allow to take advantage of these prog

Middle Cities Praises Governor Snyder For Per-Pupil K-12 Budget Increase, Still Concerned About Lack

Leaders from Michigan’s largest school districts today praised Governor Rick’s Snyder’s initial budget recommendation to significantly increase the state’s per-pupil allowance for K-12 schools, but remains concerned about this year’s lack of continued investment in economically disadvantaged students. “It’s commendable to see Governor Snyder increase the state’s per-pupil allowance significantly, but in past years he also has followed recommendations in school funding studies that call for increased dollars for economically disadvantaged students,” said Ray Telman, Executive Director of the Middle Cities Education Association. “For the last few years, we’ve taken steps in the right direction

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