MCEA works to create a better understanding and support for the needs of urban school districts within state and federal government.  MCEA staff monitor legislation and programs to provide information on the latest developments affecting member districts. MCEA also develops solutions to address current issues, coordinating with other stakeholders to generate support for policies to better serve the needs of urban students. Middle Cities has been especially active in school restructuring, finance and education reform efforts. A number of MCEA school district representatives and MCEA staff members serve on state policy committees and advisory groups, thereby affording Middle Cities direct input into state-level decision making.

In times of crisis, our schools keep us connected.

COG is a group of school districts, organizations, and interested individuals working together to close the opportunity gap for Michigan’s students.

An advocacy campaign focused on educating the public about the unique needs of at-risk students and advocating for increased 31-A funding for at-risk K-12 students.

A not-for-profit cooperative that helps member school districts across Michigan procure affordable natural gas and electric power.

A project aimed at educating the Michigan Legislature about the importance of the Electric Choice Program to Michigan's public schools. 




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Creating Opportunities for the Urban Learner

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